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We tested it and the total was updated correctly. Please double-check and if it is still an issue please let me know here or by direct message.

Hi - Did this happen one time or is it happening every day?

Hi - has this issue been resolved? If not please send me a direct message with details of the current email address and the new email address you would like to use instead.

Hi - we have an ETF screener here:

But we do not have a stock screener.

We are having trouble reproducing this issue. Can you send me the link to the article please? And can you check please if the problem is for every article or just specific ones? Thanks

Can you please check now if the print is working properly? 

Hi EFLrainman110,

Are you referring to comments being disabled on the app? That's a known issue being looked at. Please try updating and/or reinstalling the app.

Please update to the latest version of the app and try again. If that doesn't work please delete the app and reinstall.

Hi - We tried to recreate what you describe but all the charts look fine to us in Stocktalks. Can you please try logging out, closing the browser, logging in and trying again? If the problem persists can you please send a screenshot? You can upload it as a file in the dialogue box or just drag and drop the image.

Hi - can you provide more information please? Which browser you are using, which ticker's chart is not showing, etc.? Also if you can please describe starting from the home page, the path of clicks that leads to this problem. Thank you