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Hi - It doesn't look like you have any alerts on. Please check.

Hi - the most recent article you should have received is this one. Did you receive it?

Hi - are you still experiencing this problem? If so can you please upload a screenshot here (drag and drop)?

Sorry, what kind of loud alerts are you referring to? An incoming email? 

Thank you for the useful feedback! How much detail would you need? For example would the 50 largest holdings suffice - listed with sector, weight (% of equity), geographic area?  

Thanks for the feedback. Which part of it is incorrect? What should be the correct number and what is your source?

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into it. 

Hi - it leads you to a page which explains what subscription to Seeking Alpha Essential is and offers you a free trial. 

Hi - I'm not sure I understand. Looking at your account, I see that you are not subscribed to alerts by author DoctoRx. To change this go to Profile (upper right corner) --> Email Alerts --> Author Email Alerts