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Hi - this is because you have reached our limit of 400 stocks across all portfolios for non-paying subscribers. 

Hi - what are you subscribed to that you expect to receive but are not receiving?

Hi - We see your gmail address. Have you tried 'forgot your password'? See here:

Hi - you can send him a direct message using the site's message/mail system.

Hi Jack - is it working now?

Thanks for your comment - we hope you enjoy this Essential feature. (Hope you also noticed the Coverage tab when viewing an author's article history. Click on author's name and then Coverage.) 

Seeing a dash in normal for new articles when the market is closed however once a day has passed and the market is open you should see the change in the stock price since the article was published. If you are still seeing a problem can you please attach here a screenshot (drag and drop)? 

Thanks for the idea - this is indeed on our future development list.

Hi - we would prefer you publish your thoughts respectively on the article itself. 

Thanks and good luck

Hi - my read on this is that $1.20 is a proposed ANNUAL figure that needs to be approved by the BoD.

Hi - you can see the dollar amount next to the percentage. In the screenshot here AAPL is up 18 cents pre-market (down 98 cents on Friday)