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Same for me as well. Also have the same issue on iPad. Versions 3.12.8 and 3.12.9 both have the same issue. 

Version 3.12.9 also locks up when trying to read articles.

I have the same issue. Anytime I try to open any of the analysis article the entires and the entire app freezes and crashes. It’s been doing this for 2 days now On 2 separate iPad and iPhone. Another iPad I didn’t update to the latest version, works fine. Version 3.12.6 works fine. No issues at all. Either please reupload 3.12.6 or fix this ASAP. 

seems as if every other update causes a crash. Now we will have to wait weeks to get the app fixed. Again. 

Same here. App freezes when I try to open any article. Especially in Portfolio view. Version 3.12.8. 

will the fix work for the iPad as well because I’m having the same issue on my iPad. The notifications used to clear when you opened that section but the 1 is sticking around even if all notifications are marked as read. Looking forward to the update. 

Ok, second update. It seems the article titled Netflix: Do Not Overlook It’s Weaknesses by Grandation Capital itself may be the culprit. It’s the only article that crashes the app 3-4 seconds after it opens. 

let me add that it takes a few seconds for the app to crash after opening an article. Usually 3-4 seconds. Guess I should have stayed with 3.10.14. Other than the keyboard covering the comments i was trying to type issue, it seemed to be stable. Anyway to go back to a prior version of the app?

PS - I’m adding these reports thru the app so it’s just crashing with the articles. 

Just updated to 3.10.14 and comments are active again on iPad. Thanks!

Jacob, Any ETA on this fix? You said a few days 3 days ago. Thanks.