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The company did not host a earnings call on 1/29. It was a update call. If you have any other details, please share with us and we will be happy to cover it -  SA Transcripts Team

This transcript is now published, please check now. - SA Transcripts Team

Yes we will be posting one by Monday - SA Transcripts Team

Thank you for pointing out the error. We have corrected the transcript. SA Transcripts Team.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for updating us about the error. The error has been corrected. The right slide presentation is now updated on the site.

SA Transcripts Team

Thank you for contacting SA. TDS and USM are the same. We have however published the same under USM now as per your request - Transcripts Team

The call is now published- SA Transcripts.

Thank you for writing to SA Transcripts. We follow a criteria to choose which company transcripts to be processed. For a company to qualify it should have a minimum of 50 alert subscribers registered. ABTX does not fall into that criteria.   

We can always run a check if there is a specific feedback. You can also write to if you notice any discrepancy any time. Happy to help.

We are committed to high quality and accuracy but sometimes due to audio issues and the speaker not being very clear, the quality might have been bad. We will  check and update it ASAP.