Your comments

As of 1:34pm EST everything seems back to normal. Thank You!

Turning off Ad-blocker does not correct the issue. Still the same problems.

 Also, my avatar in the far upper right corner is not showing correctly on the Chrome StockTalk page, but it is on individual StockTalks. Everything does work ok for me on both IE and Edge, so it is some problem with Chrome. Thank you for your attention.

1/9/2018, once again SA has moved the notification icon (bell) to the far right, making it invisible to those users not using SA the full-width of their monitor. Recently it was on the left side of the search box, but now is on the right side. Will you please move it more to the center of the page? Knowing if one has a notification is important, IMO.

As of 4:30 pm, 11/8/17, a new notification red indicator DID work on IE, but not on Chrome. As I said before, I use IE for SA, so thank you again.


Could you send me another "test" so that I can check a different browser? TIA