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That did the trick! Thank you.


Sorry, but this is still not fixed. For example, here's what I see when I click on one of my own blog posts. 

Note the 'manage people you have muted' is still displaying, and all of my responses to people who've read my blog are not displaying on my you can clearly see.


I had posted teh screen shot to this forum thread, but seems it has disappeared. Posting it again. You can see the 

After you click the edit profile button you highlighted in yellow, can you still not see the displayed text "Special situations, bonds, Deep Value" text below my name? That is the issue, in that, when I try to change that, it brings me to a page that has no impact on the displayed text.

Based on this screen shot, it seems my account is muting itself! How can that happen? Makes not sense. And I cannot un-mute myself!

Hi, I sent you a screen shot some time ago. Where are we now with the issue, please?

SA Support, what are you doing to fix my issue? I still cannot see my own posts. Somehow your system has muted me. Please...

I have done as you advised, but there is no "Muting" section, as you can see below. Seems like a bug, no? See below.

Hello Seeking Alpha Tech Support,

Any luck with this?

I still can't see any place in my profile where I have any authors muted. What I have noticed, however, is that I can see my comments on the SA Phone App, but can't see them on SA desktop website.

Ok, so I tried to do a "test" post and your site tells me I'm muted, and that I should unmute myself? So how did your site mute all of my 2k+ comments, across 100s of authors, since joining?? Please review and fix! Thanks.