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Hi, mine is fixed now. The recent revision has sorted it. Thanks. 

Looks like you've fixed it! 


it's useable again...yay!

That's interesting, anonymous. Possibly a temporary fix. I did a reinstall myself too, but didn't select NO to auto refresh. 

It's still a dog which ever way you look at it though 

I just don't look at the portfolio during trading hours now.

This was a good app, for some time. Not now, hey ho...

Thanks for your input.

This has been going on for a while now. It's time to pull the plug on this poorly thought out, and not properly tested upgrade. Roll back to the previous version, which did actually work.

Going to be dumping this app unless this gets fixed this week. Very annoying, it was a useful app until now.

Happens to me too.

The app is unusable in this state.

I have already reported the issue but have not received any reply