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This is extremely bad customer service. Telling longtime users to try the free trial to test out your offering makes absolutely no sense. I know what services you offer. I am not a prospect. I only want to view portfolios and news alerts. Trying to sell me on other offerings that I already don't want isn't helping.

Also, there was no clarity on how many news alerts are allowed per month.

Pitching your longtime users into a one-size-fits-all offering is a take it or leave it scenario. I'm happy to pay for the services I want. But the lack of clarity about what is and is not available is a big problem. And again, the complete lack of warning that this change was coming is a major problem. I realize the post from last December said this was coming in January. But as a user that did not access the bells and whistles, the change did not seem to affect me until yesterday.

While I'm sure you are good at the data side, is there anyone from the business side of the company that can address these issues?

The post linked to above was dated 12/31/20. The paywall limit only appeared for me today 10/13/21 for the first time. I only read the newsfeed, not analysis. Why is this being implemented now without warning or update? Is there a distinction between "news" and "analysis" articles? Do earnings release stories count as news, articles or other? Earnings call transcripts? How many news stories are available per month? Will there a basic newsfeed subscription offering? Any kind of color would be useful here because this is sorely lacking in detail.

If you are going to charge for service, there needs to be a lot more customer service than "read the manual."