Your comments

QUITE OFTEN I  GET asked to answer  questions

and what good is it when the mods won't permit me to talk or reply back

especially when  they disagree with something.



I"M on moderate only  in that it requires a human moderator to post any of my comments.

WORSE IS  after they had been already moderated and posted  usually a second and or third

LEFTIST MODERATOR comes and deletes legit comments just because.

The  moderation team  is  a joke.  I'm currently  on  a  restriction  because someone complained that I was commenting  too often?  Currently,  I  have to wait for some moderator  to approve and the  real interesting thing is when one moderator  approves  my  comments  and then another one comes later  and  takes them down?  
If the comment insults  the  President  of  the USA  most of the moderators  on  SA  won't  do anything about it.  BTW.   even  if  you properly  report it.
I'll never subscribe  to  a  paid  service  based upon the obvious and blatant disrespect shown to conservatives.
Further they won't  permit  me  to make any blogs  and they instituted some  ridiculous request that I present them with my identification papers like this  is  NAZI  GERMANY  during  WW1  or  WW2  where you have to have papers to go anywhere or else.

From what I've seen  its been blatantly one sided.  People are able to make political  comments with profane language assaulting the PRESIDENT  of  the UNITED  STATES  and  even after clicking  on  report abuse,  they are not removed.  Others while not  mentioning the President by name use even more disgraceful terminologies such as Orange Bad man.

Their latest  email  is  asking for me to send in my id  and other identifying  documents just in order to be able to post blogs?  Really?  FB  did that and after  I  confirmed my identity  they never unlocked my account.  I fear  the same types who are blatantly censoring are among the  S  A   overlords  who  seem to make determinations without any rhyme or reason.

When I tried to correct a  misspelled word  the nice moderators simply deleted my post instead. 

My account is not fine.  I have to have everything moderator approved? and even then I have a different moderator coming in and deleting  comments that had been previously approved and posted by a different moderator.  Why was my account restricted? 

Apparently someone fixed it  for now?  But the question still stands  if  one moderator approves  a  comment and posts it?  why then do I have a different  moderator stepping on my and another  toes by removing  comments  that aren't  bad?  It  is  like  having to ask  to use the rest room and then when I get to the bathroom having some other adult  tell me that I have to leave my zipper up?  ridiculous at best.

Jacob Malty  can you please correct the purposeful  disabling of my ability to comment.  

My account is not set up  fine,  SA is purposefully preventing me from posting.