Your comments

Exactly. The comments are still there, I just don't have to be bothered with them. Nothing to do with censorship. I would report them and perhaps have some removed but its so much easier to just mute the offending party. At one time, we were only allowed 3, now according to Jacob in the post above its 300. 

Thanks. It seems I muted the guy yesterday when trying but did not realize it?  Anyway, problem solved for now. Thanks

Yes, I found that but It does not work probably because I used up my 3 already. Is there a way to remove prior mutes so I can mute the new one?

To clarify, I cannot search the symbol UTF.

strike that. Its buggy but I FINALLY removed them. Had to turn off adblock and even then it was buggy but I did it.

Should not be this hard.

browser but it seems to have resolved itself. ???

I am having the same problem on my computer. 

I can click on pages but then its like it freezes and I am unable to scroll up or down.

It starts to scroll down but then goes back to the top & functionality seems disabled. 

To be clear, I mean under the far right side of the page where my feed used to be.

How hard can it be for the MY FEED link to be back where it was before the "improvement" ?