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This is all part of their "begging for paying customers" model. It has bugs that they are not interested in fixing. What they don't understand is their greediness for lack of a better word is going to run users off. Sure 1 in 50 might pay but they lose the eyeballs and content from the other 49.

I am stuck getting reminders for comments I cannot view and there is no way to stop the alerts because the page is frozen with the advertising.

Its as if SA is TRYING to run off anyone who does not pay. Its going to be very effective at doing that. Signing up new subscribers? Absolutely NOT.

Same problem for me.  Is it browser based?  I use chrome. Cannot recall my password so I cannot easily check another.

does not happen with any other site which is why I said that in my question.

Many links within SA that I click on open new windows within chrome when I don't want that. I want it to to the new page in that window.

Why even have a feedback forum if you pay no attention to it?

Exactly. The comments are still there, I just don't have to be bothered with them. Nothing to do with censorship. I would report them and perhaps have some removed but its so much easier to just mute the offending party. At one time, we were only allowed 3, now according to Jacob in the post above its 300. 

Thanks. It seems I muted the guy yesterday when trying but did not realize it?  Anyway, problem solved for now. Thanks

Yes, I found that but It does not work probably because I used up my 3 already. Is there a way to remove prior mutes so I can mute the new one?