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Having to repeated click (in hundreds-long comments articles) is such bad usability.  Bandwidth and processing are not issues (this isn't the 1990s), just load the full page!!

So agree with Biztap.  Tracking and Sorting are mutually exclusive needs/functionality.  Are you actually TRYING to ruin SA?

Jacob, this is such a bad approach.  I use my desktop because the phone is limited (in functionality, in rendering, etc.).  In making it all the same, you are taking the most robust offering (desktop) and dumbing it down to the lowest (cellphone).

The bolding concept FAILS.  One wants to look at the page and see multiple new comments (not read them, but visually see them on the page), and the one-at-a-time bolding doesn't show new comments at once, it requires clicking through each one as opposed to scrolling and reading (some re-reading) chronologically.

The requirement to constantly click "show more" also fails when any of the "more" are a muted user but not all of the more are muted.

This project is so far failing, ignoring or not adequately studying user behavior and interaction, unexpected consequential effects you are putting in placing, and waterfalling.  You're ruining a good thing at SA, please take a step back and get it right.


Classic example of "fixing" what isn't broken (actually, breaking what needs no fixing).  So frustrated with SA over this, no way I'm going to by a paid subscriber when the site doesn't offer such basic functionality (as tracking comments).

Agree here.  Can you fix the issues/bugs?:

No track comments button.

New comments are only bolded one at a time, can't holistically view them all at once.

It's not fixed!!  Please fix!!  The bolding one at a time "fix" is no good!!!

Agree, new format sucks, garbage, no improvement, and TRACKING button is gone.  Please go back to the old format!!!

Agree, the new bolding one at a time is horrible!!  Please revert to what was working great.

Agree!  The new format is bad.  AND, THERE IS NO TRACK BUTTON - FIX THAT PLEASE!!!