Your comments

Are you sure about that?  Look up anyone's profile, e.g. Chowder, there is a "Mute Chowder" in the upper right corner.  See screen capture below.

I can't see that on mine as I can't mute myself.  Back to my original question, can someone view my profile and Mute me? Does this function apply to everyone?

I may not be familiar enough with the SA website, but I mainly read only the "People" I follow.  If they are a contributor, then I can read all comments.  

Of the contributors I don't follow (or don't know about), is there a link where comments can be viewed/read without needed to follow someone?

Guess what I'm looking for is a funnel where all comments from the entire SA site are being posted from everyone and are dropped into a one-stop category.  As of now, when I read comments from a contributors article, it leads me to someone I haven't heard about, so I click on them and find many more interesting leads. Another way to look at it, how does SA see every comment being posted?

Sorry, if I can't make it any clearer.  

Dang, I was looking all over for the button staring right at me.  Thanks Michael!

This feature would be great.  I have a difficult time following comments because most replies do not include who they are responding to.  I don't know if someone is responding to me, or just making a general statement. I can't read their mind or intentions.

Same problem except it's on my iPhone where I'm only seeing some of the People I Follow.

Tried to report this via the phone app, but it wants me to sign in again and it won't recognize my password.