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Well, I would propose that contributing writers be prohibited from identifying their advisory firms on the article content or their name where the article appears.  Certainly, the writer can have info regarding any services he or she renders on their bio page.  In that way, a reader who is impressed with the articles content can click on the bio content and discover the services.  

When I started visiting this site, a few years ago, the articles involving macro economics and other topics were espousing viable concepts regarding economics, markets, and specific investment thesis.  Today, it is inundated with scare topics, nonsensical correlations with gloom and doom times, and useless nonsense clearly crafted to provide readers with the need to either engage in political diatribes, or, as in my case, refute the nonsense with some historical facts as opposed to cherry picking specific but uncorrelated factoids. In other words, clicking for dough.  The other motivating factor is to create fear from investors so as to promulgate professional guidance to help the poor scared investor navigate his way through the coming economic collapse.  Frankly, it is losing its relevance, and losing some excellent prior contributors. I humbly include  myself in that group.