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they will not hear or understand your wish - but you are right - they totally killed it..  

agree just got upgrade on android this morning.. I do not rotate and there are lot of data that are missing. :(

don't think they care at all - F5 refuse to load the page again.. need to press the "my portfolio" to reload the page. A page that does not update by itself anymore.. A page that is so badly designed and so fucking slow.

This change suck so much that one need to go back to Yahoo. OMG

lucky you that it even loads..that is like a one in 3 chance at best

yes these cut and paste is an insult really.

I wonder who much testing was made before rolling this out to people in the middle of unprecedented activity in the market.. really bad timing and not a well done job. :-( 

I never seen one automatic article update, perhaps that is a new feature. 😪

when i pick ALL portfolios, then do not devise them into different list, I picked ALL, so I want to sort ALL tickers in one big list please.

i am using a surface pro 3. doesnt really matter what browser i use, IF the page load then there is no update of new articles.. also i want to see the list of all tickers in one long list, not divided.

😁 everyone gets the same response.. make SA great again..

lol the page is so heavy that it can not load on my tablet, you broke more than the desin. 😣