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Hi, we are not able to find any info about a conference call on their website. You can share the details of the webcast if you have it and we can process a transcript. You can send the details to

We had serious audio broadcast issues with WHD. The company got in touch with us too but they did not provide us an audio to process.

This transcript will be published before Monday morning ET.

We experienced technical difficulties while processing the call. it will be published today.

Dear Sir,

We're committed to a high standard of quality, and take utmost care in ensuring final quality before we publish a transcript. However, very rarely, and as it happened in the case of this transcript, factors that are beyond our control like the quality of the audio available for processing, accented and/or tough-to-follow speakers do adversely affect the quality of our transcript. And in such cases, where it's been brought to our notice, like the way you did, our team reviews and re-posts the transcript.  We will review and update the transcript shortly.

We'll, as always, do our best to ensure quality, and in the very unlikely event that you notice any discrepancies in the future, please write to us and we'll make sure that the revision is carried out promptly.

Let us know which transcript it was.


Thank you for letting us know. We have updated the correct transcript and slides.

Thank you for the feedback, we will have this addressed and update the transcript ASAP.

Can you write to with the full names of the companies and the ticker?

Hi, the call audio was tough to transcribe, so we dropped processing it.