Your comments

When there is a limit, the software should notify.

For example, it won't take anymore notes above the limit.

This is not the case. You think it is done, then it disappeared when you come back.

Unacceptable design.

Worse than that, after being saved, the notes still disappear if you have more than 25 notes.

No feedback on the issue.

The first 25 notes are kept, the rest disappears.

Issue still unresolved after nearly 3 weeks. Probably an improper link. Flimsy support going back and forth, but nothing comes out of it.

This is absolutely required if one links to a brokerage account, otherwise the portfolio valuation on SA is not even an approximation to reality.

Following a stupid customer support from another site who required me to wipe out all cookies from my disk, I couldn't access Seeking Alpha properly. The old password I kept on hand didn't work. I tried to get a new one via the reset password. The email I received had a reset password link (which is illogical, as I already requested the reset). But the link provided didn't show anything new. Then I received a confirm registration email. But the link didn't get me in. I succeeded to login only by using Google registration.

To avoid a repeat situation, I want to change my old password, but as said earlier the one I know is not the one registered in the site. Please, how do I force a new password?

Stock price change should appear on Holdings tab, too. I flip back and forth between Summary and Holdings, which means the present display is not ergonomic. The daily portfolio % change should be on the Holdings tab. In the previous version of portfolio, coming back to Portfolio, the last visualised tab was the default. This is logical, but in the present version, the tab is always Summary. Annoying.

OK, found out one needs to click on the quantity in the holdings display to edit the line. Not very logical vs. prior functionality, but good enough. Please, could you show the portfolio % change in real time too?

Ha, you don't want to enable the old functionality. You've returned the real time changes in %. But then, you need to fix the edit function. It happens people buy and sell partially a line, which changes stock quantity and price. The new edit function doesn't let do this. If you go this way to correct, you'll get complaints real time, not a good way to proceed. So more to come for sure.