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Rafiki, from The Lion King, surmised, "Ahhh, change is good!"

Simba, who had tried to adapt to SA's change to 'newest-to-oldest' in their Comments section sagely replied, "Yeah, but it's not easy!" It is darned difficult to read a Comments thread that is not in chronological order....

Scar added, "Now look, [SA], you've made me lose my lunch.”

Please allow me to add fuel to this well-deserved fire:

I have been on SA since 2016, and have witnessed more than one gaffe with respect to SA's updates/changes:

Email links that garnered an error message, for days, instead of allowing access to the site/article;

an update that changed the user's total # of Comments and Likes, which was never accurately rectified (my Profile still shows a discrepancy of more than 500 Likes that were never 'returned' to my public profile); 

iPhone apps that suddenly stopped working as they should;

and more.

However, this new 'ordering' of Comments from newest-to-oldest may very well take the cake!

There is now no real 'readability' or 'flow' to the Comments section.

Perhaps starting at the end worked for Margaret Mitchell, when she wrote Gone With the Wind, but I do believe that the publisher still chose to start the book from the beginning, when all was said and done.....

This change from SA makes absolutely no sense, and attempting to wade-through the Comments section is now beyond awkward and disjointed!

No, apparently they cannot help.

I posted 3 days ago about the error message, after SA apparently did some sort of update on the 19th that started all this, and other users have also posted numerous times, and there has still been no fix.

Almost laughable, at this point.........

"Under Review" and still "being worked on" after 3 days.....?!


Same issue on my desktop for the past 2 days.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and Chrome browser.

I can clear the Cookies and be able to click on, maybe, a couple of email links and have them work, then it goes right back to the 

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large


Desktop.....and it is still occurring with every new email from SA

Yesterday my Comments total was correct.

Today, I am showing only (7) comments.....although there are well over 200 comments when I go to my Profile.

So, no, Daniel......everything is not resolved