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I would like a new feature: to be able to bookmark specific articles, or create a reading list from them (or more than one reading list)--to store a collection of links (possibly organized in folders).

I know I can do this in my browser, but I think it'd be more convenient to do it in the seekingalpha website / app.

1) I often use the app on my phone to browse for articles I want to read, but because it's harder to read there, I'd prefer to read it on my tablet, later. I would like the ability to save a short-term reading list.

2) I often come across articles that I'd like to keep for later because they have specific information that's not timely but is instead informative. I currently am using my browser's bookmarks capability to store these, but that's a bit of a pain.

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Ability to Save Articles

I’m unsure what “Notifications” does, but I would love to be able to save articles off-line for later use.


I too am looking for this kind of feature. Thanks.



If you use Windows 10 and the Edge browser you can make all articles part of your Reading list and it will follow you from phone to tablet to PC. You can organize them and it does it for any site. Seeking Alpha doesn't need to make any changes to their site as it is handled by the browser. Works great for me. Just a thought.


this would be an awesome feature. along with the ability to search the bookmarks for specific keywords.

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Thanks for the great suggestion. Merging this with previous requests for a bookmarking feature.


We need a reading list. I really can't understand why SA will not add one. Allot of money each month, but a crappy service.