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Annoying pop-ups for SA "premium service"

maillot jaune 3 years ago in Website updated by John Pirie 1 month ago 113

Is it really necessary to get a pop-up asking me to subscribe to your premium service every 5-10 clicks? Beyond annoying. 

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Paid archive: how SA will kill the vitality of comments and community. FIX

kennethfine 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Amitai Richman 3 years ago 67

After thinking on this a few days, I've concluded SA is making a massive mistake with its paid article archive. Please backtrack before you totally wreck what's good about SA. A few issues:

  1. The best feature of SA is ongoing reader comments on its articles, as company news changes  and a thesis is proven or disproven. You're basically killing the vitality of that. Once people get out of the habit of making informed comment on articles they can read and continue to read, they will not go back.  
  2. Seventy five dollars a month is too much. Thirty dollars a month is too much. I say that as someone who subscribes to three SA Marketplace services, and I've paid as much as $300 a month for single SA Marketplace services in the past. I might pay a token $10 or $20 a year for archive access, because without a vital comment stream.... 
  3. ... the SA archive really isn't that valuable at all. It's mostly old news and old speculation that goes on to be proven or disproven in time. The truly astute or comprehensive article is quite rare, probably less than 1% of articles would be publishable in traditional sources. I certainly wouldn't rely on the SA archive to reliably give me a "deep dive into less-followed companies" or other marketingspeak. That's frankly wishful. 
  4. What was previously good about SA was that almost ANYONE could write and publish quickly. Previously you had choruses of voices weighing in on a stock, some professional, some amateur, some astute, some not-so-astute: many points of view. Readers could read everyone's take and reach their own conclusions. Now there is no ability to compare and no competing voices  from the archive.
  5. As a marketplace subscriber to three services, I am frankly ticked off that you would abruptly lock me out of the archive, as well as hiding the articles I've taken the time to comment thoughtfully about. I've supported SA for a long time, and your thanks to me for this support is to ambush me with a change that breaks SA's entire model. 
  6. As a consumer I do not like it when companies break trust with their longtime customers. Not long ago Evernote pulled a similar stunt: massively jacking up subscription prices and breaking the longstanding paradigm of "Your data on your devices."  I had used Evernote for seven years and was a subscriber and fan. In one afternoon I pulled all of my data out of Evernote and put it into Microsoft OneNote; I haven't been back since. Users lost often don't come back once they lose patience. Your format and your platform is replicable. 
  7. In addition to reversing this ill-conceived policy, SA leadership should consider meeting to craft a small-scale "SA Commmunity Bill of Rights" to help guide future policy, and give angry and future members of the community of what you generally will and will not do. The businessfolk in you probably bristle at the idea of handing any sense of control to the rabble -- after all, this is your property to monetize -- but "community" cuts two ways. If you want it, you can't just dictate to it, you have to appreciate it and grow it. Places like Facebook have little sayings and mini lists of users rights: one of Facebook's taglines is: "it's free and it always will be". If you're going to ask people to make a commitment of time to your community, you need to give a better sense of what they're buying into. 
  8. Finally, if an issue driving this change is mobile ad revenue, or ad revenue generally, it may be partly because your mobile application(s) need a lot of help. They do only a subset of what the website can do, including frankly basic things like offering an integrated SA Marketplace chat. One user in one of our groups reports there is a separate "SA Chat" app, but he also reports that it was eating 10 gigabytes of cache data. Android users can enable "Desktop Mode" to get some functionality of the SA website back on their phones, but I have not found a way to persist this setting as I navigate between pages and articles: I'm continually led back to the lame mobile app. Many kids these days just don't use desktop or notebook computers that much, and an online property that doesn't do mobile is disadvantaged. 
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tfr22 11 months ago in Website updated by CannabisPat 12 hours ago 77

They have known of this issue for months, and still it continues. Sometimes, I get the 'Press and Hold' window - over and over and over. Yet my settings for Java and cookies appear to be fine. Their online support has TWICE said they would report the problem and get back to me. They didn't. I called them last week and left a message. Crickets.

I'll have to cancel if it continues, which would be a shame.


Hi all,

After discussing this with our security team we learnt that many of the Press & Hold occurrences happen to users that are using selenium based automation tools and any kind of user agent spoofing.
We highly discourage this and hence have implemented this security layer.
Please check if the devices being used to access Seeking Alpha are not compromised in any way, or do not have such tools.

I hope this helps, Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data Quality Analyst


Hi all,

I will try to answer some of the queries raised above.

The new portfolio page is packed with a lot of useful features while keeping everything that you loved about the old portfolio.
1. JUMP TO ARTICLES - You can jump to articles related to your portfolio by clicking on 'View Headlines' on the far right or you can collapse your list of stocks by clicking on your portfolio name (Portfolio 1, in this case) and clicking 'All Portfolio'

2 EDIT HOLDINGS - You can edit shares in a lot by clicking on shares and then choose to edit or add lots:




3. SORT ALPHABETICALLY - You can also arrange your stocks alphabetically by clicking on the symbol column, and then arrange them in ascending/descending order and you can also have a custom sort on any other column like 'Change %', 'Volume' etc. Your desired sorting will be saved by default.

Additionally, you can view a lot of helpful metrics like Earnings (to track earnings call date), Growth, Performance etc. that will aid you in managing your portfolio.
I'm sure in due time you will find the new portfolio page very useful and friendly.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

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can you give us a choice?

glworld 2 years ago in Website updated by Steve Crawford 2 years ago 25

evidently someone is in love with his SA layout and thought these 'improvements' would be welcomed by all...

i hate it and wonder what you guys were thinking?  was anyone pushing for a new look?  common sense would AT LEAST have you give us an option to try out the new layout but always having the old one available.

this is financial and news that help us make decisions on our investments...this isn't a video game or kids sight...(although it seems they are more capable of finding out FIRST what their users prefer)

whoever 'conned' management into thinking this was better and everyone would just be so thrilled...needs to get real...

this is crappy...without warning...right in the middle of a market crisis...are you guys nuts?



You may find some information here, as to why you keep getting captcha prompts:
What Triggers Google CAPTCHA Requests When Searching

Hope this helps, Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

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No Go with PRO

RetiredinIndy 5 years ago in Website updated by FaceTime 2 months ago 16

I started reading SA in 2014 and really enjoy it.  It consumes probably too much of my time each day.  Although I am retired, it's a great resource for both old and new investors.  The new policy regarding paying 900. per year for PRO is absurd.  That will probably prove to be a very bad business decision.  You need to figure out a better way how to shore up revenue or you will undoubtedly loose good authors and followers.


stock price alerts

ntsirov1 2 years ago in Website updated by Michael-Peter 6 months ago 29

It would be very, very useful to a lot of ppl, if you add a simple feature - sent an e-mail/push notification when a price /PE ratio, div, etc/ reaches a certain level. There are a lot of stocks I am interested to buy/sell at some price, but I am relactunt to place real-time orders, as I need to first check if something major happened to said company or general market that would have changed my conviction.

Other than that - great site, congrats!



The price alert feature is already available for premium users!

The premium users can access this. If you are a non-premium user and if you want to check this feature, you can just go ahead and start your free two-week trial of Seeking Alpha Premium - no commitment required.

Premium, apart from providing you alerts and unlimited access to analysis articles also provides you with many other powerful tools that can help you with your investing. You can get an overview of the service here.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Shubham Shresth
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Press & hold button

Shubham Maheshwari 2 years ago in Website updated by unbob 2 years ago 8

I am frequently getting press & hold button. Javascript is already allowed. Please see to it ASAP.

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Keep getting please click “I am not a robot” to continue

Trek Investor 4 years ago in Website updated by NecessityMadeMeDividendInvesto 3 years ago 6

I keep getting the Please click “I am not a robot” to continue screen when I click on links. This has been happening for a week or two and really slows down the user experience. Please let me know if there is a fix on my end.