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I can no longer access investor comments

Ranger2015 8 months ago in Mobile Web updated by anonymous 8 months ago 0

I'm searching to add user name with comment I couldn't post Never mind

anonymous 1 month ago in Mobile Web updated by SA Jacob Maltz 4 weeks ago 1
SA Jacob Maltz 4 weeks ago

Sorry, we do not support this yet in the mobile web, but we will soon.  In the interim, please navigate to the desktop user settings and enter your display name there (you can even do this on the mobile device).


SA should be investigated by the SEC

perilous43 7 months ago in Mobile Web 0

It is absolutely impossible for an SA editor to know if a short article written right before earnings is meant to manipulate. So whether that editors opinion is right or wrong that editor knows the affect the short article will have and therefore he/she can trade on this information. No reputable forum would allow a formally published article right before earnings. 

The appearance of manipulation or in actuality the idea that an editor/family/friends can make a fortune acting in the 24 hours it takes to get an article published should stop you from allowing this.

The fact that it’s impossible that you have not had this brought to your attention or thought of it on your own before is what is leading me to send the same comment to the SEC.

Under review

Articles loading multiple times

alaimoj 12 months ago in Mobile Web updated by mowev 5 months ago 3

Articles appear multiple times in my feed.  When deleting after reading they reappear. Also, when I delete the top article another appears, often one previously read and deleted.

Under review

Portfolio page no longer displaying current stock price

azdgordon 1 year ago in Mobile Web updated by Maya Natan 1 year ago 1

This morning, after updating the app on my iPad over the weekend, the app Portfolio page only shows price change and % change for each stock I have in Portfolio.  It does not show the current or most recent trade price of the respective securities.  Cannot locate a setting change that I could use to correct this myself.  Hope this is just a bug you will fix quickly, or that you can direct me to setting change that I can use to revert to display current price as well as change info.

Thank you.


I wanna invest into lPhone infinitiX2Rome

Ridgeland wick 1 week ago in Mobile Web updated 1 week ago 1


anonymous 1 month ago in Mobile Web updated 1 month ago 1

Globalization and global economic impact 


Email confirmation link not sending when trying to post a comment

anonymous 1 month ago in Mobile Web 0

Unable to post a comment because the auto generated verify your account email is not being sent. Tried a few times and even checked spam. Help. 


No politics please

D.Jensen 2 months ago in Mobile Web 0

Please refrain from posting political news and opinions (your authors especially)...this is an investing site.  Hoping enough people agree so SA it stops it before it gets to bad.   



anonymous 2 months ago in Mobile Web 0

Stop making every update about everything BREAKING. BREAKING news: Dow down. 0000001%. BREAKING NEWS stocks didnt move today. BREAKING NEWS: Seeking Alpha wants attention! All I'm saying is not everything is worth a breaking news update