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Showing error message "ooops, something went wrong while loading the pages...

Aa12345 2 weeks ago in Mobile Web updated by SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra 2 weeks ago 11
Awaiting Customer Reply

I'm searching to add user name with comment I couldn't post Never mind

anonymous 1 year ago in Mobile Web updated by MKZS1ANDONLY 4 weeks ago 2
SA Jacob Maltz 1 year ago

Sorry, we do not support this yet in the mobile web, but we will soon.  In the interim, please navigate to the desktop user settings and enter your display name there (you can even do this on the mobile device).



Avaglobal 1 year ago in Mobile Web updated 1 year ago 1

Globalization and global economic impact 


I can no longer access investor comments

Ranger2015 2 years ago in Mobile Web updated by anonymous 2 years ago 0


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The captioned ticker is now active on SA.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Locked out of rocket chat again

limleanna 6 months ago in Mobile Web updated 6 months ago 1

Hi I'm unable to login to live chat for The Data Driven Investor. Pls check urgently as I need access before markets open:

I'm accessing this on iPhone - web version - both Safari and Chrome isn't working for me.


Can I rearrange or delete a header in My Portfolio?

1apple 7 months ago in Mobile Web 0

People I follow on android

Secret Recipe 7 months ago in Mobile Web 0

How can I follow the people I follow on my Android smart phone ?


Rocket.Chat sucks

tjj9020 7 months ago in Mobile Web 0

SAs chat app is horrible, fix it.