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Portfolio page no longer displaying current stock price

azdgordon 6 months ago in Mobile Web • updated by Maya Natan 5 months ago 1

This morning, after updating the app on my iPad over the weekend, the app Portfolio page only shows price change and % change for each stock I have in Portfolio.  It does not show the current or most recent trade price of the respective securities.  Cannot locate a setting change that I could use to correct this myself.  Hope this is just a bug you will fix quickly, or that you can direct me to setting change that I can use to revert to display current price as well as change info.

Thank you.

Under review

Today's numbers don't seem correct for my portfolio... something is not right.

kstorm_home 1 month ago in Mobile Web • updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 1 month ago 1

I suspect foul play in my portfolio, significant foul play. How can that be and who is it?

Under review


Alpha Centenarian 2 months ago in Mobile Web • updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 months ago 1

There is no updates on a stock  recently added in a newly opened portfolio.


Articles loading multiple times

alaimoj 2 months ago in Mobile Web 0

Articles appear multiple times in my feed.  When deleting after reading they reappear. Also, when I delete the top article another appears, often one previously read and deleted.


Mobile page views MPV - How is that accounted for credit

Rajesh Kumar 3 months ago in Mobile Web 0

I wanted to understand your philosophy and methodology  on how you give credit for Mobile page views.

  1. IS there any credit given and where is that documented
  2. IS a mobile app that accesses the web site a MPV or is there anything else also counted as a MP

Today most people work off he mobile so need to really understand how this is weaved into the credit given to authors.a


iPad issues

anonymous 4 months ago in Mobile Web • updated by SA Kateryna Kovrizhenko 4 months ago 1

The news updates are getting cut off before the story is complete. Not happening on my iPhone.