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Was this 'Archive' charge ever announced or did it just sneak in?

Ikiru 1 year ago in Marketplace 0

Way too expensive!!!  Almost $900 a year to access!  Is SA in such dire straits that it needs to raise this much money?  I guess I won't be going there, and very likely when I can't follow an author's link to previous work, I'll be looking elsewhere for the info.


PRO membership required to read articles

mdenton51 1 year ago in Marketplace • updated by DutchPete 12 months ago 2

I keep getting yellow banners at the bottom of articles that say I must have a PRO membership before I can read the article. I have greatly enjoyed reading the articles on Seeking Alpha the past several years. I have learned a great deal about investing and traps to watch out for. I am nearing retirement  and truly value the investing insight provided by Seeking Alpha contributors. I am playing catch-up with my retirement savings and any insight is much appreciated. However, I can't afford to pay the fee required to become a PRO member. The contributors have provided these articles freely to the many readers and I do not believe that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers have the right to charge for the privilege of reading them. I will be looking for other resources to continue my investing education. I do request that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers reconsider the new policy of charging to read any articles regardless of how old they are.

Under review

F stock percentage change is wrong. Previous close was 10.74 not 9.74

adamgee131 7 months ago in Marketplace • updated 7 months ago 2

UK Listed Shares

cdesibert 12 months ago in Marketplace • updated by Raalu 2 months ago 1

you need to incorporate international shares in foreign currencies not just ADR that nobody trade and has poor liquidity. I would suggest London listed shares as a start. Regards

Under review

have not been getting email alerts for 1 month contacted ISP and they said it's on your end

williamandmary2 12 months ago in Marketplace • updated by getgl 4 weeks ago 2

I have not been getting ANY email alerts from you for 1 month and my Internet Service Provider said the problem is on your end.  Please send me an email from the alerts address to test.  They said your server may need to be reset.  Thanks!


Hi Jay,
Thanks for the message. We saw you just cleared a bounce on your account, you should be receiving emails as normal going forward. If you don't, please let us know. Please also make sure to add and to your address book so your email service provider will know those are legit emails.



Loop Industries is LOOP, not LLPP, since it uplisted to Nasdaq LAST YEAR!

whocares 1 year ago in Marketplace • updated by SA Editor Mohit Manghnani 1 year ago 1

what is wrong with SA that it has failed to update the ticker symbol of a $half-billion Nasdaq co? Instead, SA uses and abuses its subscribers to do YOUR job for you😠


EPB Macro Research

Legendre 1 year ago in Marketplace • updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 1 year ago 1

The best macro economic research available on Seeking  Alpha.  If you are looking for confirmation bias of flawed or inaccurate economic thought, you won't find it here.  You will find coherent and well defined thinking of principals that clearly make sense.

You will not find exciting lists of which expensive stocks to buy next, but you will find an intelligible list of Etf's to purchase.  These are the Etf's that will take you through all market shifts.  Good or Bad.  Up or Down or Sideways.  They are not exciting, but if you are wanting to make money and grow your money safely without the large drawdowns that are inevitably ahead, you should listen and take heed.  

To make things even better, Eric is quite available to answer questions at short notice.  He provides a tremendous service.  You really should consider.


Thanks for the kind words, Legendre, we'll make sure to share with Eric. We encourage you to leave this as a review once you're eligible (You have to be a subscriber for >15 days). You can do that here:


Under review

I am unable to access Brett Jensen's biotech blog notes.

staffman 2 years ago in Marketplace • updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 12 months ago 3

I am unable to access Brett Jensen's blog posts when I receive them by e-mail.  Please advise.


Hi Alternatekey,

Thanks for the message. We are working on the Android app, stay tuned. For now, please use your web browser to get on the marketplace, either by going to for the chat or by selecting the desktop version of the site on and then using it as normal.