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PRO membership required to read articles

mdenton51 5 years ago in Marketplace updated by LostOkie51 4 months ago 6

I keep getting yellow banners at the bottom of articles that say I must have a PRO membership before I can read the article. I have greatly enjoyed reading the articles on Seeking Alpha the past several years. I have learned a great deal about investing and traps to watch out for. I am nearing retirement  and truly value the investing insight provided by Seeking Alpha contributors. I am playing catch-up with my retirement savings and any insight is much appreciated. However, I can't afford to pay the fee required to become a PRO member. The contributors have provided these articles freely to the many readers and I do not believe that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers have the right to charge for the privilege of reading them. I will be looking for other resources to continue my investing education. I do request that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers reconsider the new policy of charging to read any articles regardless of how old they are.



Marco Kraan 2 years ago in Marketplace updated by Leon A pinley Jr 1 year ago 3

How can I import the data of my Dutch broker @degiro?

Would be nice to get some support



SurferTrader 7 months ago in Marketplace updated by anonymous 7 months ago 5

Chat is down again.

And again in a crucial moment.

I'm literally loosing money by not being able to get trade alerts from the services I'm subscribed to.
How many times more this is going to happen until SA technical stuff will finally fix this issue?


UK Listed Shares

cdesibert 4 years ago in Marketplace updated by Nuttystar 3 years ago 2

you need to incorporate international shares in foreign currencies not just ADR that nobody trade and has poor liquidity. I would suggest London listed shares as a start. Regards


Number of views limited now on Articles?

Wexforde 2 years ago in Marketplace 0

I am getting messages saying that there is a limit on the numbers of articles read (I think it is per month) on Seeking Alpha.  I am then prompted to buy the Premium service so I can see all the content.  I use Seeking Alpha so see authors and their content and to get familiar with their work.  These author's offer "free or teaser" articles to showcase their work and if someone likes their work then one can be a subscriber to the author's premium content.  After reading many "teaser" articles, I am now subscribing to 5 authors.

I'm now wondering why am I subscribing to these authors (and paying a hefty price) when I should just buy the premium service and cancel the author subscriptions.  Or maybe just subscribe to the authors directly (many have their own websites) and ditch Seeking Alpha

My feedback is you're too greedy. Decide what you want (1) a teaser model driving investors to paid author subscriptions, or (2) a price for all of Seeking Alpha which includes the author's premium content. I feel like such an idiot paying significant money for the author subscriptions and you now want to charge additional money. I am seriously thinking of exiting Seeking Alpha altogether and just going directly to the authors.  If you shut off the ability for people to see new authors showcasing their work, then there is no reason to come to Seeking Alpha.

Under review

Move tickers between portfolios

mmuzic12 3 years ago in Marketplace updated by chubaka765 10 months ago 4

I have multiple portfolios set up here with a lot of stocks I am just watching and do not own. I like to categorize my stocks in different portfolios and move them from one portfolio to another when my interest or status changes regarding the stock. However the app will not let you add the same ticker to the new  portfolio until it is deleted from the old one. So in order to do this I have to go in the old portfolio, delete the ticker, search the ticker again and add it to the new portfolio from scratch. Is there a way you could improve this, like being able to edit a ticker in one portfolio and receive an option to move it to another portfolio to avoid these extra steps. Also is there a way to add the same ticker to multiple portfolios at the same time to compare performance. I do love this app I use it all day long, thank you! 

SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

Hi, you can just add it from the portfolio tab where it says "add symbol", not from the symbol lookup page.


Censoring on Seeking Alpha

anonymous 1 year ago in Marketplace 0

I understand that Seeking Alpha is now censoring Avi Gilbert.  Unless it is for violation of basic common courtesy or some form of personal attack, I am very disappointed.  We are seeing censuring in other parts of our society.  Alas, IMO, historically, no matter how well meaning, it is the start of the death of freedom. It is part of how the Nazi Party rose to power in the 1930's.  And it is how other many other dictatorships operate.  I sure wish that part of every American education was a serious study of George Orwell's 1984. 


Was this 'Archive' charge ever announced or did it just sneak in?

Ikiru 5 years ago in Marketplace 0

Way too expensive!!!  Almost $900 a year to access!  Is SA in such dire straits that it needs to raise this much money?  I guess I won't be going there, and very likely when I can't follow an author's link to previous work, I'll be looking elsewhere for the info.

Under review

Chat not working

tacguy 3 years ago in Marketplace updated by ky2chan 2 years ago 4

in marketplace chat, the chat function for my subscribed service (nail tech) regularly, intermittently fails. Since time is money and buy/sell alerts go out over chat, what are you doing to guarantee paid subscribers a level of quality service? When can we expect a fix? (I'm assuming chats for all your marketplace vendors experience this)