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New app sucks

dhturk 2 years ago in iPad updated by Deep Value 101 2 years ago 5

Not user friendly.

Under review

Stock chart does not load on ipad after reinstalling SA app

platinum 3 years ago in iPad updated by anonymous 3 years ago 12

Stock chart did not load on ipad today.  Reinstalled SA app. Stock chart still does not load after selecting a stock symbol.

SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

This issue does not happen on all devices, but we managed to find one which shows the problem and we are working on an urgent release to fix it ASAP.  Thanks for your patience,


iPad app freezing constantly on iOS 13.1 final released today.

gator5000e 2 years ago in iPad updated by Aloudnoise 2 years ago 1

App keeps freezing after update to iOS 13.1 final release today. I’ve rebooted and uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Hoping for update soon to fix this. 


I am NOT a robot, are you?

lydia.bogart 1 year ago in iPad updated by cat2005 12 months ago 4

The new check for ROBOT is onerous, excessive, inflexible.

It has changed my experience of reading Seeking Alpha on an iPad from convenient to literally impossible -- every link from your emails requires validation, and then the articles do not load.

WHY ??? ....  if I click a link from an email SA sends to me that related to my account is there any concern about me being a ROBOT.  If an anonymous click, maybe.  But a personally identifying link should be sufficient to read an article.

And, on this posting page I am asked to prove I am a human.  I am posting AFTER logging in.  Really?


Please fix notifications on iPad, please.

vjekotuta 3 years ago in iPad updated by anonymous 9 months ago 1

When I try to open notification, app crushes.

Under review

Do not upgrade...constantly locks up on iPad with latest software

wam2000 3 years ago in iPad updated by SA Pavel V 3 years ago 2

Add a PRINT capability for IOS 13.1 users for IPAD

privacy1015 2 years ago in iPad 0

When using SEEKING ALPHA on an IPAD with. IOS 13, there is no longer a way to PRINT an article. This is EXTREMELY important for many users. Pls add a PRINT option. 


Still no charts on iPad.

anonymous 3 years ago in iPad updated by BuckeyeBruce 3 years ago 1

Notifications badge on iPad OS won’t clear after 5.2.3 installed.

gator5000e 5 months ago in iPad updated by Matthewdudek 4 months ago 4

As the title says the notifications badge won’t clear after 5.2.3 installed. Thanks.