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Please fix notifications on iPad, please.

vjekotuta 6 days ago in iPad 0

When I try to open notification, app crushes.

Under review

Do not upgrade...constantly locks up on iPad with latest software

wam2000 2 weeks ago in iPad • updated by SA Pavel Voloshyn 1 week ago 2

News notifications do not load on IPad

michaelthighland 5 days ago in iPad 0

News notifications do not seem to load and therefore cannot read them.

Can you please fix this issue ASAP.


notifications bug

helixal1 5 months ago in iPad 0

Get some juice in fixing notifications.  


Notifications not working, again!

PierreK 2 weeks ago in iPad 0

Updated the SA app on my iPad yesterday to V3.10.9 (2162) and *again* notifications no longer work (this clearly isn’t the first time I’m reporting this).  Either the notification text doesn’t populate or the entire app freezes.  Yes, tried all the usual, removing the app from memory, completely restarting the iPad, and even de- and reinstall the app, all to no avail.  This is becoming ridiculous, don’t you test your "fixes" for side effects?  Better yet, stop fixing what isn’t broken!  Pathetic, even for a free app.


V3.10.10 - App still freezes

Azumi 2 weeks ago in iPad • updated 2 weeks ago 0

This new update didn't fix the problem. Still happens intermittently - when you trying to read article in the Notification tab, app freezes. Why are there always so many problems? Fix up the damn problem!



App keeps on freezing

Azumi 3 weeks ago in iPad 0

App keeps on freezing when you click on news to read. Happens alot. SO FRUSTRATING. FIX UP THE APP.

Why is there always problems with the app?


Huge bug

ces2016 3 months ago in iPad 0

Many notifications just cause the app to crash and shut down when I open them


Notifications aren’t updating since 10/19

HUNTER007 3 months ago in iPad • updated by wweisenfelder 3 months ago 4
Maya Natan 3 months ago

Please delete the app from your device and reinstall it form the app store.

Make sure you are installing version 3.10.5.