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کیف پول اتریوم

anonymous 3 days ago in Screener 0

چوطوری میشود به کیف پول دست پیدا کرد 



LEI_2022 2 months ago in Screener updated by Remlek 2 months ago 1

My broker has Optionable as a screener filter. SA does not today for Stock Screener. Please add.


D/E Ratio

BenGeez 3 months ago in Screener 0


Wherre can i find the D/E (Debt to Equity Ration)?

Many thnaks



Keyword Search for Earnings Calls

Wimal 3 months ago in Screener 0

Can you add a function to search across all earnings calls transcripts for certain keywords?

For example; search for the word "metaverse" on calls between Jan/01/22 to Feb/28/22.

Since you already have all the earnings calls in your database, I can't see this being difficult to action.


SA Screeners

marom 4 months ago in Screener 0

I love the ability to screen stocks but find one thing frustrating and that is the lack of one data item in the table, and that is the sector and industry. While this is available as a filtering option, it does not show on the csv file once downloaded. Adding the ability to add additional fields to the extract will be very useful.


I'd like the screener to have a filter for OTC/pink/gray market

swampdemon 4 months ago in Screener 0

It would be great to be able to exclude companies that trade OTC/pink sheets/gray market.


Can you add whether a stock has options to your stock screener filter

textaylor 4 months ago in Screener 0

Like the header says, when screening stocks another way to filter the screen is by setting a filter for stocks that have options or not. 


download to excel up/down grades

KAHLO2018 2 months ago in Screener 0

P2 Gold Inc $CTIMF

royavila 3 months ago in Screener 0

Adding P2 Gold Inc $CTIMF to your list of equities, thank you.