Quant rating for TIO

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I joined SA recently. TIO was rated at the top of recommended stocks to buy with Quant rating of 4.9xx. I invested in this company based on SA recommendations. Fortunately for me, I got out before the stock dropped more than 80% of its value on the news that the company is a scam.

The Quant rating was still "Strong Buy" with rating of 4.9xx for 2 weeks after the news came out. Now, and all of sudden, there is no Quant rating for this company. It is stated as "Not Covered". And, this Quant history was deleted. Why? this is deception and manipulation. 

As a paying customer I demand explanation on why Quant rating is all of sudden "Not Covered", and Quant history was deleted.

Trading Fish

I didn't receive a an explanation.


I'm also a premium customer and bought TIO stock because seeking alpha rated it a #1 on quant rating. For reference, the screenshot below is from the newsletter on 5/26/2023. TIO is rated #1, 4.99 quant rating. 

I wasn't concerned until I noticed that TIO is marked as Uncovered on quant ratings. 

Please provide an explanation as to why it's no longer covered. 


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