Feature Request: Import Portfolio from CSV/Excel

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I'm trying to set up SA to track my portfolio. However it looks like I have to manually add all the tickers first. After that I have to manually add each of my lots via the holdings tab. This is a painful task. Please create an option to import a portfolio by uploading a spreadsheet.

Allison Proffitt

Was there any follow up to this request?

I feel like seeking alpha has neglected their premium customers in many aspects.

Philip Willems

Same question here.

I use Stock Rover for analysis and Seeking Alpha for its community. It feels old-fashioned that I cannot transfer portfolios from one platform to the other. Doing it via csv would actually be the more primitive solution. These days, even if mostly in b2b, software platforms are allowed to communicate via API's. Would be essential going forward. 


It would be great to have this feature


I am a Premium user and I am extremely disappointed learning that Seeking Alpha doesn't have this simple feature. I will seriously consider moving in other platforms.


But there is a csv import now! Just go to "create portfolio" and then "upload csv".