Hassled by: Trust certificate invalid

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Keep getting:  


The certificate for this website is invalid.  You might be connecting to a 

website that is pretending to be  “www.dianomi.com”, which could put your

confidential information at risk.  Would you like to connect to the website 

anyway? “

This pop-ups every time I come to “seekingalpha.com” and when I just click on 

“cancel” instead of “continue”, it just keeps popping up, every time I load a new

page and every few seconds when on any page.  I cancel, it’s gone for a couple 

seconds, and pops right back up.

I see where 5 mos. ago someone had the same problem with a different domain name.

I suspect this is the same type of thing —but not knowing much about these things…??

Please fix.



Thank you for flagging this issue and apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our partner is working on a resolution, however I have removed them from showing on Safari while they are resolving the Issue .

You may potentially need to clear your cache/browsing history in order to resolve the issue (but that should not be necessary), however you should now be okay.

Best regards,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha


clearing cache does zilch. I was having this problem with about one in five SA sites with same maddening ignoring of the continue plea. I blamesd it on Kaspersjy but it was really SA. And the fix --by googling--is somewhere in settings--to remove the "ask me" option re "invalid" certificates didn't work either. The problem is with SA.


Another problem: I finally found a "stop" mode for stock-connected blogs (while on vacation), but that is no longer on the new mail alerts page. How do I do it beside using junk mail option which will load up that box to the tune of a couple hundred per day?