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Is there a way to filter the live market news feed?

when_to_sell 3 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 2 years ago 3

The live market news - https://seekingalpha.com/market-news is an excellent resource. Is there a way to filter this such that I can separately view news items containing a keyword? Google news has this feature, and the same thing here would be very useful. If I can setup several sections on the page where each section has news items having the keyword, that would be great. 

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We don't offer a keyword filter, but we do have many subcategories of news such as Sectors, On the Move, M&A, Top News, etc..

I would like to be able to filter out some categories of news.  For example the news feeds about biotech/drugs contain a huge amount of information I don't understand or care about.  Also I'd like to filter out news about energy companies (not interested in fossil fuels).  That said I'd rather not have to look through all other news topic by topic.

Could we get a filter that restricts the ridiculous volume of daily articles for certain stocks that I see each day?   FAANG and Tesla articles are as common as a Donald Trump tweet. For certain stocks, I would like the ability to limit my feed to only those articles that the community seems to be finding to be most useful in real time. For other stocks, I want everything.