After hours price changes

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The IOS app shows after hours pricing in the portfolio view.  How can I see this information when using a PC and viewing my portfolio in a browser such as MS Edge?


Same with Android app.

1. would like to see similar on desktop browser as Charlie suggests

2. would like option to sort by %age gainer/loser (after/pre market) - app and desktop 


AH pricing (Pre-Mrkt and Extended) should be displayed next to closing prices of all stocks in your portfolio on the desktop website. If I see my list of stocks in my portfolio, I should see the AH prices as well, in 1 list. I believe, the only way to show AH pricing right now, is to click open the individual stock. If there is another way to see all the prices (AH)  in the portfolio (in 1 shot)  instead of clicking each stock, kindly advise. iOS app has it right. AH prices appear under the closing price of each stock all in 1 listing. Less clicking the better !