Same problem. For example, how do I Access my Posts? I have to go to "Write Blog Post" and move from there!!

Thanks Fernando for info, Profile think shows your own posts, at least one of menu things does, but can not see posts of those I follow/.

Under review


You can find all the content by people you follow here: or by clicking "People" in the main navigation menu.

Thanks Daniel, yes that works..  Any thoughts on why My Feed disappeared?

Hi Darp,

The new "People" experience has replaced "My Feed". It's intended to be a much better experience. Is there anything from the retired  "My Feed" which you are missing from the new "People" page?

Yes, please add "People" to the menu for icon, like MY Feed was.   Think My Feed was a good name for it, better than People, JHMO  People Followed in icon menu would be better than just People.