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I no longer have access to my original registration email. How do I reset my password?

anonymous 3 years ago in Website updated by HerbertAmos 2 years ago 5

There does not seem to be any way whatsoever to reset your password without accessing the original email you used to register. I have published 20+ articles and would not want to have to use a new profile. Is there a way to verify my identity and unlock my account? I am permanently locked out of my account otherwise.

Just wanted to revisit. Anyone at SA able to help? Seems like this is the only way for me to contact you, so just desperately hoping someone will respond.

ISSUE RESOLVED. Thank you for your help!

Doesn't seem to be any method to recover a forgotten password.  Do I have to cancel and resubscribe to change my email address under these circumstances.

Thank you, problem resolved.  I did not see this option when I opened my Settings page.  Perhaps it should be included there?