People I Follow "Comments" tab showing ASCII codes instead of symbols

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Click the PEOPLE tab, then the COMMENTS tab, and special ASCII characters such as quotation marks and apostrophes are showing up in ASCII code.   Example:  

The Fortune Teller

DB is the only bank, out of 35, that failed part two of the Fed's annual bank stress tests,


Problem appears fixed on my end.

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It didn't show up in my post above.  The apostrophe shows up as (leaving spaces so your website doesn't correct it:  $ # 39 ;


I was/am getting the same issue. As from June 28th forward, if you look in your profile, it continues to show ASCII. Also notice that all links are not shortened on the Profile page but are in the article comments section.

Looks like a number of problems got fixed at the same time. Thanks to you and your Team, Jacob.