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David Jackson Spam

Wilbodave 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 6

I've received three mails on the site in three hours from David Jackson, and the mail says I've been automatically set to follow

"some authors with recent articles we think

you'll find enjoyable and useful: Wall Street Breakfast -- our daily
news summary; Seeking Alpha Editors' Picks -- a daily list of 5
outstanding articles; SA Interviews -- occasional interviews with
investors about their top picks and strategies; and SA Product Team --
updates about enhancements we're making to the Seeking Alpha website and
mobile apps."

It goes on to say that if I don't want to follow them, I can go to the article or their profile to unfollow them.  This is ridiculous, spamming and setting my account to follow authors without my consent.


Also rcvd 3 spam messages.  What gives you the right?  This is unacceptable.


I agree, I am an adult investor who has been investing since the 1970's and carefully curate who I follow to match my current interests and my watch list.. so another annoying thing I have to clear up!


The SA Product Team, SA Interviews, and SA Editor's Picks come up on my "Following" list, but the follow buttons have not been selected, so there is no way for me to remove them.  The people I have selected to follow have around eight thousand followers, except one venerable gentleman with forty two thousand.

The three contributors I mentioned above that were selected for me have over three and a half million followers.  I don't like the idea that everyone who has an account on SA has been forced to follow these contributors.

Under review


Looks like you unfollowed SA Interviews, but the others still say following. The best place to manage following authors is here:



Thanks Daniel.  I understand you're probably not involved with making
decisions like this one to involuntary set people to follow, and I
appreciate your help.  I expect you'll be seeing a lot more people
complaining about this when people start thinking about their portfolios
after the holiday.


Thanks Wilbodave.

Just so we are clear- the addition of these 4 author follows should not impact any SA experience beyond the new "People" page and the author following newsletter (if you are subscribed). It does not sign you up for real-time author alerts on these authors.