Pre- and Post-Market Info for Synced Brokerage Accounts

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This weekend I synced my brokerage accounts.  Since this effectively doubled my holdings (manually entered Portfolio 1 and synced accounts), I deleted the manually entered portfolio.  Unfortunately, I did this before I realized that I now cannot see the pre- and post-market data for my investments.  Will Seeking Alpha be adding a consolidated view like the one I previously enjoyed for my manually entered portfolio?  While I really appreciate the synced information, I already had that view through my broker’s app.  What made Seeking Alpha so valuable for me with my manually entered portfolio was that I could see all off my investments on a single page and monitor changes before and after the markets were open.  When I synced my brokerage accounts, I assumed that the holdings would be presented in a consolidated view like my manually entered portfolio.  I have criticized my brokerage’s app because it only shows holdings by account.  If I wanted to see a consolidated view of all of my holdings, I either had to log on to my brokerage from a PC or use my manually entered portfolio in Seeking Alpha.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide a single consolidated holdings view for all of my synced brokerage accounts based on the same great layout you use for manually entered portfolios.  

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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A synced portfolio should have the same features available as a regular portfolio with the exception of adding/removing tickers.

When you previously saw the consolidated view, did you use the "All Portfolios" feature or were you viewing each portfolio individually and clicking the "After Hours" tab for pre/post market data?


Daniel Hochman

VP Product, Seeking Alpha