Tapping on reply alerts doesn’t work correctly in iOS

Tigerkz 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 2 years ago 3

if someone replies to a message I get an alert on my phone. When I tap on that alert it takes me to the thread but then the thread all shows like it’s all new comments instead of the replies being offset inward like if you open up the thread normally.  Makes it hard to know which reply is to your message.  I usually just go find the thread manually and look that way so it opens properly.  If you open it from the reply alert it doesn’t work properly. 


Could you please tell me version of app and iOS?

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I have the latest SA app available to me 3.5.1 (I believe it updated December 29th) and I’m fully updated on iOS 11.2.1

Dear User,

thank you for your report. Problem exists and will be fixed in the nearest releases. Please stay tuned.

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