Improve Add/Delete Stocks on Portfolio Page

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For the website:

The way one currently adds/deletes stocks from the portfolio page is unwieldy. How about:

--Allow us to right click on the stock name in the listing, and have a delete option. And/or alternatively, have an "x" on the line of each stock in the portfolio that says "delete" when you hover over it. At this point, if you are scrolling down your portfolio and want to eliminate a stock, you must scroll all the way up to get to the edit button and use that list. 

--Allow us to go to astock's page and have an obvious "add stock to portfolio" button

--Allow us to exit the portfolio "edit" page easily. Currently, you have to scroll down, eliminate your stock, and scroll back up to get out of edit. Maybe just allow us to click outside of the edit window and have the edit window close? 

These improvements would make the site more agile. Thanks.

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
  • Under review

Thank you for your feedback, I'll relay your suggestion to our product team for a review.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha