E-Mails have Stopped

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E-mails stopped working last Friday. I already sent a support request, but have yet to hear back. My address is an iCloud mail address, so Apple may have black-listed Seeking Alpha. This issues needs to be fixed urgently. Thanks.

0v v0'x'UNITY

have you tried opting back in your subscriptions or your privacy setting also what cookies your allowing permission try reading the privacy  policy it is about a 20 30 min read along with the terms of service you should  understand better if you still have questions you may contact me anyytime

Dean Grossmith

Yes, twice so far, as I got a message on the SeekingAlpha web page to say they stopped. There was a button at the top to re-enable. I started getting a few messages yesterday after re-enabling, but clearly something is stopping messages from arriving. Why is SeekingAlpa disabling e-mails, it must be acting on some information it's getting back to do this. This will give us a solution to resolving this issue.