IX(Orix) numbers do not look right.


First of all....Every now and then I run across errors in a stocks numbers or other errors on a particular stock.  I would like to see a link within  a stock I am looking at that allows me to report errors on that particular stock.  Something like "Report errors for this Stock" next to the stock name/ticker, that takes you to a prefilled dialogue with various drop down categories and a textual description of problem.

Now, back to IX.  The dividend numbers do not appear to be correct.  It shows a TTM yield of 3.02% and payout of $1.92.  Last years payout according to your dividend chart was $3.73, which makes the yield around 6%.  And on the dividend yield chart the 5yr chart shows a yield of 385%.  The other time periods also do not make any sense.  Probably other errors there too, oh, like the dividend growth chart only goes to 2018.

Thanks for listening