portfolio listing -- one row per ticker vs one row per lot

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Hi. I wish portfolio would by default show one row per ticker that could be expanded to show one row per lot (either per ticker expansion or for the whole portfolio). Current situation is rather impractical, I'm afraid. Thanks and regards.


This is actually a third request on the same topic, and it doesn't look like there has been any progress. 

the portfolio is useless now without being able to understand overall gain/loss across historical purchases.

i am using finwiz app which has the perfect interface, but it's lacking all the insights that are available on seeking alpha

Without this functionality, the premium subscription seems to be useless, considering cancelling it


As a drip focused investor I would very much like this to happen. Some of my tickers have multi-dozens of lots and having a new row per lot is totally unmanageable. As an aside I was able to get this functionality from the Dividend Freedom Tribe group here in SA, however I lost my job and had to drop my subscription as a cost cutting measure...at least for now. I really dug the tools on DFT.

Anyway, I agree, the portfolio is a bit useless if I need a separate row for each lot.