I want to unsubscribe from notifications from an article. But now only Pro readers are allowed to read it. How do I unsubscribe?

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I can't even get to the comments section to unfollow myself because the article magically became "Pro-only" after a month or two of being published. What the heck?



Which article are you referring to? If you commented on the article you should still have access to the comment stream.


I mean kind of ridiculous, isn't it? The site won't let me read the article, but I can't unsubscribe from new comment notifications either. So I'm stuck with the worst of both worlds.


We are going to fix this ASAP. Thanks for reporting the issue.


If I have commented on an article, I have contributed something of value to SA.  How dare you take away access to the article?  Again, WHAT are you people thinking?  This makes no sense.


Hi Larry,

You've already posted in several threads about your feelings on the new SA PRO. Please refrain from spamming this forum.

Many readers find the stock research on Seeking Alpha to be tremendously valuable to their investment process. As you may know, value is subjective, and although you may not think it's worth it at the current price point, many members do.

If you comment on an article, we continue to give you access to the content you produced. Authors who produce the content are given unlimited access to their work. Contributors are also given access to the entire archive, so feel free to submit an article and become a contributor.