Please add "Crypto" tab to "US / World / Commodities / ´╗┐Futures" tabs in frontpage

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On the frontpage, you have "US / World / Commodities / Futures" tabs, where one can't track the prices for the most important tickers in each category.  Please add a "Crypto" tab too, with the most important cryptocurrencies, like BTC-USD and ETH-USD.  You already support the tickers, so shouldn't be hard.


Great idea!

Can you also add US 10 year so we have a complete market snapshot and don't have to go to HORRIBLE places like CNBC to get an update on where things stand?

Also, the futures changes can be off at times... seems buggy, so I still need to cross check it with other sites... and often does not update so you need to refresh - annoying!