Erratic behaviour of @ (Ampersand) Tagging in News Releases


Platform : iOS 12.5

The problem is not the same in articles. It is also erratic in news releases as something it works OK.

1/ In news releases, when you hit reply, the comment box auto-populates with the person who originated the comment. However, in some cases the Tag disappears when you start typing. Manually inserting the Ampersand does not repopulate the tag until you post. Sometimes you’re lucky and it tags properly, sometimes it does not and you have no pull-down menu to find the correct Tag. 

2/ What does happen consistently in news releases though, is when the Ampersand does populate properly, you cannot use a second Ampersand to Tag a second individual as a pull down menu is never created.

3/ Bottom line is @ Ampersand works properly in articles and not in news releases.