after sorting on a column (i.e. Market Cap), when switching to another view (i.e. Growth) the sort order is not preserved

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When you sort on a column in the portfolio view, the portfolio should remain in that order until another sort occurs. Switching between views erases the sort, which is very frustrating if I am looking for something across categories (i.e. Growth, Value, Performance) Selecting a category should not reset the previous sort!

Dmitry Trgbv

Agree, sorting and order options should be saved for future analysis. Not only in portfolio view. 

For example, if I put Order "Latest on the Right" on the Income Statement page (/symbol/AAPL/income-statement), the order should be saved for later. I'm used to this order and other types of order irritates me. Please consider saving order and sort options.

Skagit Doug

It's like comparing two accounting spreadsheets, where someone has decided their column order is not what you want. 

When reviewing data, you're looking for patterns, and someone throwing a wrench in the stew raises havoc with the finely-tuned mind of the evaluator.