Stop automatically sending email notifications for newly added tickers to a portfolio!

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Every time a new ticker is added to a portfolio, it's automatically set to receive email notifications. Previously the user was prompted, at the time they added the ticker, with the option to uncheck the notification box. Now every single time you add a ticker, you have to go to your notification area, search for the ticker, uncheck the box, save, etc.

Please give users the choice to decide if they want to receive notifications or not at the time of adding a ticker, or do not automatically setup the ticker to receive notifications.


Is this all or none criteria per portfolio or per account? I have multiple portfolios created. If I have everything turned off in one portfolio but have tickers in another portfolio turned on, what will happen to a new ticker that is being added to the portfolio that has no active alerts? Food for thought, but I think the original was so much easier.