All prices are wrong

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6000% of change??? 

Duplicates 15
gross disorderly price quotes after 10 AM on 1/11/2021
DAX - Global X Funds - Global X DAX Germany ETF down 97% (wrong)
NAK trading prices for today are inaccurate
oneq down 96%
NRT Incorrect
What is wrong with the app today?

Very unstable ? Wrong performance figures

your percent are way off, and s are some of your numbers, age cent for example

Stated up 2000 %.    Incorrect data.

FREQ prices for today are inaccand rate
Incorrect pricing for securities. I've lost money

All prices for securities are not correct. This is insane

Huaneng power international

Price gone up all of a a sudden on 1/11/2021 from 14.68 to 30.55 then to 121.30 then down to 22.50 settling at 14.69. All of this happened in 15 minutes while the price of this same stock was nearly stable around 14.70 on yahoo finance, Morningstar & investing

quotes for some tickers wrong - for instance ASLE goes from $8.00 to $180.00 in seconds, and anywhere in between.
My % are really off for some stocks

In the first hour if trading today, you have shown two equities on my watch list as falling more than 50 percent.  They have fallen less than two.  You should fix this problem so that your app can be again recommended by 9 out of 10 cardiologists. 

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SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
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Hi all,

We had a brief glitch with ticker quotes and PerentChange yesterday, originating at our data vendor's end.
The issue was immediately escalated and has since been resolved.
We apologize for the inconvenience. The quotes should be ok now.
If you still come across a misquoted ticker, please share the details with us.
Thank You.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Yep. Something gone wrong.

Jack the Captain

Same here... all figures of Day range and 52W range seem incorrect.


Crazy prices.  MIE up over 8,700 %  Sell!

gilroy was here

The price quotes on the RING ETF are insane.  First $3.00, then $384, now $11.50.  When its actual price is about $30.25.  What the heck is going on???


Ditto here. My portfolio prices are all over the place. When I click on an individual stock and look at the single page it seems correct. Portfolio summaries are wild however.


same here.  GLAD and QQQX show price drops to <$1 and then up > $40, then back! the actual pricing is ~$9 and ~$25.75 respectively.  Please fix this!


Faced the same problem. Horrible

Quote from anonymous

Faced the same problem. Horrible

Unbelievable. I am going mad! Let's rank this topic UP! Please, post a screenshot so we can have some more chance to reach the support. TY for your feedback!


According to SA my RNP stock is down 87% from $20+ to $2.81 a share. Especially amazing since much of their holdings are preferred stocks.

If I go Premium do I get correct prices, or are those people paying money for the same nonsense?