Fix the @ Tag

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I use this a lot to notify the appropriate individual 

1/ It works best, I believe in desktop mode, when the @ immediately triggers a scroll down menu and you can confirm the recipient.

2/ It works the least, when the scroll down menu is not created and you hope that at posting a link will be created

3/ Many times (especially in iOS) when the @ is auto-created when you hit the reply button, typing removes the tag and you need to retype the @ with limited success as per #2

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I'll relay the same to our product team.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst

SA Jacob Maltz
  • Planned

We have this fix in the works.


You can see work is being done here where the use of the @ triggers a SA database tag (specifically iOS). Just some feedback:

If the tag you desire starts with a common name, such as “Scott XXXX”, the tag never gets past “Scott” and therefore the tag notification never makes it to the intended party and goes to the first person who is registered as “Scott” instead. You can see a database come up, but it has difficulty with common names. Perhaps the database has to be brought up for the first 6-8 letters?