On the Latest Articles page, the ad alignment covers the left of the article titles

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Hi. Starting a couple weeks ago, the left vertical ad on this page, http://seekingalpha.com/articles, will overlap the left part of the article titles AFTER SCROLLING DOWN a little - possibly happens when the Themes | Sectors | etc bar at the top scrolls off the screen. This is in current Chrome, Win 7 Pro, Full HD res screen, with Windows task bar at the left as opposed to bottom. I don't think it's resolution related though, it still happens when I resize the window to be random fractions of the screen width.

Wow... paste of an image actually worked...

Image 10

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Thanks for reporting this issue and including a screenshot. This page is actually no longer supported and is set for retirement/replacement. I'm curious how you accessed it as I'm pretty sure we no longer link to this page on the site. I would also love to hear what you use this page for in your workflow.




Ha. Oh funny. I've had that bookmarked for years. It's like reading a newspaper, I skim the headlines and read a few articles on most days. It's useful for me to browse "all" articles, for the random investment ideas in industries that I would never think about otherwise.

It looks like http://seekingalpha.com/all-articles is a suitable replacement - I found that quickly enough from the homepage.