Portfolio Holdings and Performance Analysis

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I'm not looking to recreate Personal Capital or others but I don't see the use of Portfolios beyond using it as a watchlist. I'll preface this by saying that I have yet to be able to link my main JP Morgan account so I don't know what it will look like when it does link and sync holdings and I guess transactions(?) but currently I'm entering in holdings starting with end of year balances with costs...  

The problem I see is that although it shows me todays gain by holding and since inception (for me Jan 1st) I can't get monthly or quarterly or year to date unless I'm missing something.  Would also be then nice to get a chart for the portfolio showing growth... as well as per holding.

Also, when you add a holding, it shows up as a new row in the holdings list. After entering in new lots since Jan 1st, my list is unwieldy because it basically doubled the size of the list be nesting them where I can click through to unpack lots by stock AND now I don't have a 'today's gain" or since inception because its broken down by lot.

I can understand that maybe  most premium subscribers use other apps/sites... to manage and analyze their portfolio so maybe there's no demand for someone like me that uses Chase's site (which is terrible for trying to analyzer performance) and has issues with Personal Capital (sync issues cause balances, lots, history to cause the performance analysis to be useless) but maybe there's others out there that is looking for an easy way to get basic portfolio performance analysis.

Also, if you're holding many dividend stocks, over the course of a year you would have a gigantic list if you enter in each dividend as a new Lot.  While I'm at it, you can't enter in partial shares for a lot.

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll relay the same to our product team.

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this topic makes also sense for (some European) subscribers such as myself whose brokers are not included in the "link brokerage" menu.

I'd like to see a better (=more friendly) interface to interact with my holdings, without having to rely on external apps/sites. Although some of those are free and good enough to deal with my basic portfolio management needs, this feature would be a great added value for the subscribers.

Thanks for allowing us to share our thoughts with you.