A new idea for payment model

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I think Seeking Alpha should offer a pay by article payment model in additional to the full subscription method. There are many people who do not want to pay $20/month but still would like to read a few articles a month. In this scenario I think allowing users to pay per article would be a fantastic feature. Traditional payment methods for using this feature would be OK, but even better would be to allow for crypto payments. This pay per use model will become more widely adopted in the future so enabling this now I believe would make Seeking Alpha ahead of the curve. I think accepting crypto payments in small amounts for online services and access will become the norm (especially as websites eventually lose all ad-revenue when most people use blockers and data privacy and ownership comes to the forefront websites will need to use crypto for micro payments <$1 to monetize their content). It could be as simple as just sending payment in for each article you read or Seeking Alpha could potentially allow users to fund their crypto wallets that would be hosted on the website for each profile and that way the amount per article could be withdrawn and drained from the users wallet until the balance is zero, then they could reload it. I think this model would attract new paid users as oppose to only having the $20/month fiat sub model that is probably fine for power users but too expensive for users who only want to read a few articles a month. Again you could take these ideas and possibly integrate them with fiat but crypto makes it so much easier, have a web wallet setup, click on an article, click 'Pay to Read' boom withdrawn from your wallet and you are reading the article in seconds, no credit card or other information required.


I'd say it depends on: 1) your level of sophistication with investing in general, 2) whether you have any specialized interests (REITs, dividend stocks, commodities,), 3) your current account size, 4) your level of satisfaction with the free version, and 5) whether you've tried to access specific articles but were denied access.