Number of views limited now on Articles?


I am getting messages saying that there is a limit on the numbers of articles read (I think it is per month) on Seeking Alpha.  I am then prompted to buy the Premium service so I can see all the content.  I use Seeking Alpha so see authors and their content and to get familiar with their work.  These author's offer "free or teaser" articles to showcase their work and if someone likes their work then one can be a subscriber to the author's premium content.  After reading many "teaser" articles, I am now subscribing to 5 authors.

I'm now wondering why am I subscribing to these authors (and paying a hefty price) when I should just buy the premium service and cancel the author subscriptions.  Or maybe just subscribe to the authors directly (many have their own websites) and ditch Seeking Alpha

My feedback is you're too greedy. Decide what you want (1) a teaser model driving investors to paid author subscriptions, or (2) a price for all of Seeking Alpha which includes the author's premium content. I feel like such an idiot paying significant money for the author subscriptions and you now want to charge additional money. I am seriously thinking of exiting Seeking Alpha altogether and just going directly to the authors.  If you shut off the ability for people to see new authors showcasing their work, then there is no reason to come to Seeking Alpha.